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Tree Service

EcotreeNW is a trusted source for tree services if you happen to have one tree or several on your property that need attention.

EcotreeNW specializes in the proper maintenance of all types of trees. Whether you have Douglas Fir, Pine, and Cedar trees lining your property, a grove of fruit trees on a knoll behind your home, or some arborvitae that are in desperate need of pruning, we can help. We are experts at trimming trees that pose a hazard to roofs and gutters, block out sunlight, or encroach onto your neighbor’s property.

Very often, healthy trees can sustain damage in high wind or heavy rain storms and must be removed or pruned to ensure the safety of your home, and your neighbors’ properties. Our certified arborists are experts at determining whether or not a tree is in need of trimming to bring it back to life, or if it has reached the point where removal is the best course of action.
Here is a list of the services we offer:


Tight Quarter Removal

When a tree needs to be removed, our experienced crew specializes in removing large trees in tight quarters, making sure to keep disturbances to your property to a minimum.


Storm Damage Prevention

Keep your home, property and trees safe during seasonal storms by having your trees evaluated and maintained before bad weather strikes. Often times trees have natural defects that are susceptible to damage in storm events. These defects can cause catastrophic failure to the tree. By having your trees assessed for defects can help prevent such failures.


Tree Pruning

Very often, healthy trees can produce unwanted and/or hazardous growth. This growth can wreak havoc when it gets to the point where it blocks out sunlight, becomes unsightly, or a structural hazard. At EcotreeNW, we can safely remove or reduce unwanted limbs and branches from trees, restoring the health of the tree, and ridding you of the worry of potential damage to your home and property.


Stump Grinding

In many cases, the stumps of trees that have been removed can be ground with a machine, allowing for new planting in the footprint of the old tree. Our self-propelled machine can fit through gate openings as small as 36 inches wide.


View Clearing and Territorial Views

Owners of properties with water may need to have trees trimmed regularly so as not to impede the spectacular view. Our crew offers expert assistance to our clients by employing methods of proper trimming that will maintain tree health while maximizing the view.


Free Written Estimates

At EcotreeNW, we send an arborist out to look at the tree work you want to have done, and offer suggestions as to how we can best accommodate your needs while keeping the health of your trees in mind. We can also visually check your trees for signs of stress, structural integrity, and invasive pest activity. We then provide a free written estimate that clearly outlines the cost of the requested work.

Why Choose EcotreeNW Tree Service?

Trusted Tree Services

EcotreeNW is a trusted source for tree services

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EcotreeNW specializes in the proper maintenance of all types of trees.

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We have a certified arborist available to evaluate and care for your trees.

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We offer free consultations for our services, and will provide you with a quote

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